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Due to our daughter we have a lot of stuff. Most likely it is placed in a way I'm able to fall over it.

To create a place for the Bike, Strollers and what ever will come I have to build a simple gate to create a space to store stuff between our house and our garage.

The most important things here are:

- "Do it fast": My wife

- "Do it cheap": actually nobody except me

Furthermore I like to test my new tool.

Step 1: Steal Frame

I've only weld together some steal rods, nothing special. You have seen something like this 1000 times.

Step 2: Blind Nut Rivets

To save some money I've planed to use the leftovers from our renovation 10 years ago. (From time to time it is completely strange how long you store "trash")

To mount the laminate blind nut rivets were used... worked quite well.

Step 3: Add a Additional Layer...

Everything seamed perfect with my design but the my mother in law noticed that "everybody can still see whats behind..." the excuse that this is also possible by peeking over the gate was not a valid answer.

So I've added one more line of flooring.

Step 4: Lock and Final Mounting

The last two things after the mother in law incident:

- Add a Locking mechanism

- mount the gate to the final location

For the locking mechanism I've used up old scrap. (a threaded rod, some tubing, a steal bar some nuts) I still was pissed about the ...

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