Introduction: Simple Gourd Birdhouse With a Branch

Building a birdhouse is a fun activity.

Also it provides shelter for a nesting bird and its offspring.

In this instructable you will learn how to build one out of a gourd.

I chose a gourd because nature has already done the hard work for me.

Step 1: Materials

For a gourd birdhouse you will need :

  • a medium sized gourd
  • a utility knife
  • a rasp (optional)
  • a small branch from a tree
  • hot glue gun with enough hot glue
  • string or hanging wire

Step 2: Prepare the Gourd

Choose a medium sized gourd and cut a hole to it with a knife.

You can make the hole bigger with a rasp if you wish.

Make the hole as big as the birds you want to attract nesting there.

Mine is 5 cm in diameter.

Empty the gourd from its seeds and clean the interior.

Step 3: Attach the Branch

Cut a 10-15 cm branch from a tree and attach it to the bottom of the gourd using hot glue.

Stick the branch at the direction of the hole.

This stick will help the bird to enter and exit the nest.

Step 4: Hang the Birdhouse

Attach a string or a hanging wire to the stem of the gourd.

This will be the hanging point.

Choose a place to hang your birdhouse.

Prefer high spots away from people and pets.

I placed mine on a tree in my garden.

I made 6 of them and if I'm lucky, maybe one of them will be occupied.

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