Introduction: Simple Greenhouse

Hello today I will show you how to make a simple indoor greenhouse for apartment/house. Cost for all the materials told in materials. The greenhouse will barely take up space!

Step 1: Materials

You first need any old book shelf or even a dresser. Get from anywhere.

Next, the tools you need are

Drill minimum cost $40.00

Drill bits minimum cost $5.00

Screws (16) /nails minimum cost $5.00

Screwdriver minimum cost $4.00

Hot Glue Gun minimum cost $5.00

String (something like yard or shoe lace) minimum cost $1.00

Grow Lights (depends how many) minimum cost $10.00 (per one walmart)

Power Strip/Extender (depends) minimum cost $5.00

Total Cost without book shelf/dresser $75 (you probably have most of the things)

Step 2: Work for Bookshelf

If you are using a bookshelf you are basically done! Make some holes on the side per shelf (for the power cord to connect to the grow light). Make the hole just right for the plug to fit in. Then you need to attach each grow light to the bottom side of each plank of the bookshelf, so that light is directly on top of the plants. I tied the string around the grow light and the plank. I applied hot glue over the string and between the plank grow light casing. This way the light will stay in place. Thereafter I attached all the plugs to the power strip and connected it to the power outlet. When the lights are switched on it looks as if bright daylight has fallen on the plants. This completes the greenhouse!

Step 3: Work for Dresser

First I removed all the drawers of the dresser. Then took out one of the planks (part to use as base) from the drawer. After that I left the track of the drawer still in there so when I put the plank it can stay there. To make it stay in place there I put hot glue on the track then put the plank on. Now this serves as base. You do this to all the drawers. So you basically convert this into a bookshelf. Now follow the procedures from step two to complete the greenhouse.

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