Introduction: Simple Headphone Stand

Hey guys this is Goober and Buddy from our YouTube channel and we just recently collaborated to create something for Instructables. We do not currently have a video for what we made (sorry) but since it is so simple you don't need one. So, if you want to see some gaming and tech videos check out our channel otherwise let's make a headphone stand that will look good enough to have a spot on your desk!

Step 1: Get the Materials

You will need:

Some kind of wood cutting device (we used a hand saw)

Wood (works best): wide piece that is at least 1/4" thick, 3" wide/long; and a long (not wide) piece that is at least as long as your headphones and about 6" more.





Hot Glue (works best)

Clamps (somewhat optional but it helps with cutting wood) (or just get someone else to hold the wood)


Paint, nails, hammer

Step 2: The Base

With the wide piece of wood cut a square measuring with a pencil and ruler to make sure it is straight. I cut a 3" x 3" square and that it a perfect size so it holds the weight, but is not big on the desk.

After you cut the wood, make sure you sand it down on the sides you cut it on.

Paint it if you want otherwise you are done for the base.

Step 3: The Top

There are different styles that the top can be, it just depends on personal preference however we believe that this way is the best for headphones (doesn't rub against the wood, easy, etc).

First, measure how long your headphones are (mine are about 10"ish) and then add an inch or two on to the end of that measurement for the 'pole'. Mark with a pencil, make some straight lines, then cut away. After that, sand it down and paint it if you want.

Then, cut a smaller piece of the long wood that is 2-2.5". Sand it. Paint if desired.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Now that you have all the pieces, get out the hot glue gun. Stick the longest piece onto the base (wide piece) towards the back of one side. Press it down tightly after you applied the glue.

Then glue the smallest piece of wood onto the top of the long piece of wood like shown in the picture above in the last step and press it down tightly.

Step 5: Apply Headphones!

Now all you have to do is put those bad headphones on the awesome stand you just made and you're done! Now you have a great stand to keep your headphones on.

Any questions let me know! (1st Instructables so we hope it was clear enough) Good luck!

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