Introduction: Simple Headset Stand

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One of my favorite pastimes in life is playing video games and using a headset is very important to play. I realized that I should make something to keep them from just laying down and display them very well. I had some scrap wood and knew I had something good.


This project doesn't require much at all, all you'll need is:

scrap wood (I used some cut offs)

at least 4 wood screws

a drill




Step 1: Cut Base

I had a medium size scrap piece that was 5-1/2" wide and i cut it to the length of 7".

Step 2: Cut Arm

I then ripped a board to a thickness of 1-3/4" and cut one to 9-1/2" long and the other to 3".

Step 3: Sand

I sanded over the piece that the headset is going to rest on so that the edges of the wood doesn't deform the foam on the headset. while I was at it I also sanded all the other pieces so that everything is very smooth.

Step 4: Connect Pieces Together

I found the center of the board and connected the tall arm from the bottom. I then found the right height for my headset and connected the resting piece by screwing it on from the back.

Step 5: Stain

I used my go-to stain which is English Chestnut 233. If you want poly could be applied after this.

Step 6: Set Up!

All done and time for some gaming!

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