Introduction: Simple Hedgehog Dig Box

Environmental enrichment is essential for the health and well-being of our pets. Hedgehogs are especially interesting and adorable pets that have become popular throughout America.

They are very active and need lots of exercise to avoid becoming obese in captivity. Here is a quick and inexpensive dig box to enrich your hedgie's environment and encourage "natural" foraging behavior and exercise.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

An appropriate sized container (Tupperware), I chose a clear one so I can watch the hedgie play

A marker

An exacto knife (or other cutting implement). As always use caution!

Fleece (about 1.5 yards for the container in this instructable)

Mealworms (or your hedgie's favorite bug that won't be able to escape the container)


~ 10 minutes of your life

A Hedgie, because there wouldn't be much point otherwise...

Step 2: Assembly

Cut an appropriate sized hole in the container (large enough for hedgie to enter and leave easily). As always use caution!

Make sure to leave a small lip at the bottom of the hole to prevent bug escapes

Cut fleece into short strips and fill container

Step 3: Done! Hedgie Fun for Everyone!

Place the completed hedgie dig box with yummy treats in your hedgie's enclosure.

Now you have a happier hog!