Introduction: Simple Indian Chicken Curry

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Curry is a basic Indian meal... some find its hard to prepare curry... actually it's easy if you follow the step.. there a lot of type curry.... they use different flavours and herbs... this is just a basic chicken curry.... hope you like it... :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Prepare the ingredients before start your cooking, so that you won't forget to add any ingredient.


1. cinnamon - 1 or 2
2. cloves - 3 or 4
3.cardamom - 2 or 3
4. star anise - 3
5. mix mustard seed / plain mustard seed - abit
6. onion - 2 (chopped finely)
7. tomato - 1 (chopped) and 1 red chili slice in middle
8. curry leaves - 10 leaves or more
9. mix paste (abit Ginger and garlic ) clean n blend.... just use abit of water..
10. chicken - 1 (cut into pieces) clean and wash... keep aside...
11. plain chili powder - 1 tablespoon
can add more chili powder if you want it to be spicy but if you put much it can spoil the taste.
12. turmeric powder - half teaspoon
13. chicken curry powder - 2 to 3 tablespoon...
14. coconut milk - 1 small bowl ( I use readymade coconut milk)
15. salt to taste
16. cooking oil
17. water - 1 bowl

can add 2 potato if want to ...1 potato cut it into 4 or 6 pieces .... it a optional...but it will be more delicious...

Step 2: Step 1


1. Heat up oil and add all the spices (cinnamon, mustard seeds, cardamom, star anise, cloves )...

2. add Ginger garlic paste and keep mix for 30 second...

3. add onion and sorte until turn light brown.

4. add tomato, chili and few curry leaves... mix until tomatoes cook abit...

NOTE: if want to add potato, you should add it when adding tomatoes..

Step 3: Step 2

1. once the tomatoes cook abit, add chicken pieces and mix well.

2. mix the chicken time to time and cover until halfly cook.

NOTE: No need to add water because chicken will produce water... do not use high flame ... medium flame is good enough

Step 4: Step 3

1. once the chicken cook (half cook), add powders (turmeric powder, chili powder, chicken curry powder)

2. mix well and can add more curry leaves... (optional)

3. cover and keep mix time to time...and cover again..

this to make sure the powders cooked well...if not it will give raw smell..

NOTE: No need to add water because chicken will produce water...

do not use high flame ... medium flame is good enough

Step 5: Step 4

1. after the gravy cook well, and the raw smell if powder disappear, add a bowl of water.. if want more gravy or curry can add another 1/2 bowl.

2. mix well and cover it for 3-5 minutes..

Step 6: Step 5

1. uncover and mix well.. the chicken will be already cook well in this stage...

2. when we did not cover, the curry or gravy will start to get thick.... cook till the consistency of curry you want...

- some like abit watery and some like it to be thick depends to you....

3. once it perfect consistency, add salt to taste and add coconut milk..

amount of coconut milk also depends to you...but don't put too much... some don't like to add coconut milk, it's OK.... it's jz a optional..

once add coconut milk the gravy will start to be more thicker...

4. mix for 1 minute and it's ready... taste abit to make sure the salt is enough...then transfer it to serving bowl...

Step 7: Serve It and Enjoy...

Best to eat with

white rice, or briyani rice
naan bread
white bread
tosai, idli