Introduction: Simple Indoor Plant Table

About: I am a mom of 3, a grandmother of 6, and an accountant. My hobbies are gardening and woodworking.

Getting a head start to the growing season means I have to start some vegetable seeds indoors. All it takes is soil, water, and good sun.

I needed a quick, no-frills table for my vegetable seedlings. For under $25 I was able to make a simple indoor plant table.

For the tabletop, I purchased a 2' X 4' plywood handy panel at the hardware store. For the apron, I picked up two 6' pieces of 3 1/2"" wide pine. For the legs, I used some scrap ash we had leftover from a ceiling project.

Step 1: The Apron

I measured 3" in from the sides of the handy panel all the way around. I then cut the pine pieces accordingly. My pine apron pieces were 14 1/4" for the short sides and 42" for the long sides.

I then glued the pieces together and screwed them together.

I then glued the apron to the tabletop and put heavy books on it for the time being.

Step 2: The Legs

I cut 4 equal pieces of scrap ash 24" long, as this was the height I needed for the table to reach the window. I clamped the legs in place and screwed them to the apron. Since the scrap pieces of ash had been previously stained, I decided to prime and paint the entire table.

Step 3: Finished Table

After painting and turning the table upright, I used a few screws to adhere the apron to the table.

I'm happy with my simple table. It sits in a window-filled sunroom in the upstairs back of our house, and my corn and brussels sprouts are thriving.