Introduction: Simple Installation of a Parking Heater in a Campervan

simple to have warm parking in a van

Step 1: Few Pieces Easy to Do at Home

as few pieces as possible of aluminum and iron easy to make at home with simple tools

Step 2: Simple to Mount and Simple to Remove

it is simple to mount and simple to remove for the summer

Step 3: The Fuel Is Strictly Connect

The fuel is strictly connect near the heater so is not necessary any modification to fuel circuit of van, also it make really simple remove the complete heather also the fuel can is simply to remove for filling

I chose this installation inside the van to avoid damage of heater when go off road in mood and snow

so to run it need only two hole in the floor of the van not any work is make on the car

Step 4: Control Box

the control box is make by use a box for electronics and a switch to connect to 12V a switch to power a auxiliary fan and the control panel of the heater

I install also a digital voltmeter to check the voltage of the battery during the warm up of the lighter (need 10 A)

and a aluminum support to take the box near the heater so it is really easy to remove only by 2 screw and easy to test

Step 5: Exhaust Must Go Out With Out Risk Hole in In the Floor

Make just a small hole for exhaust pipe intake air in inside vehicle (must open a window when run the heather)

Step 6: Warm Pparking

it work really good for gold night

Step 7: