Introduction: Simple Iphone Wallpaper Fix

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Ever have that image you want for a nice lock screen but it doesn't seem to scale right? Here's a quick simple fix to solve that

Step 1: Identifying the Issue

Here you can see the original image I wanted to use as my background. Because the image has the black bars above and below it, we can easily tell it's not scaled for an iPhone. You can see what happens when you try to set it as a background. (Even after trying to zoom out).

Step 2: Simple Fix

The fix is to simply fight fire with fire. The iPhone uses the black bars to make the image scaled to the screen. So all you have to do is screen shot the photo. This automatically scales your image perfectly. Then from there just set it as your lock screen or home screen.
Unfortunately, the bars are apart of the image, but personally it makes the time and date easier to read. On the lock screen.

Hope this simple instructable was useful. Just a quick "in the moment" update