Introduction: Simple Iron & Wood Shelves

This was a project my wife came across somewhere a while back and cannot find it now. Changed it slightly from the original and didn't see it on here so thought I'd share.

Very easy to make and simple materials. Basically some plumping caps, flanges & nipples, and a 2x6x8.

With this, we were able to bring some great wood elements and metal elements in to a very crips and neutral looking master bathroom.

Step 1: Materials


Went to the hardware store and found some very rough looking 2x6s...wanted "character" in the wood. Bought pine because I am going to stain with a special walnut to really make the wood look old and rustic.

Knowing that the shelves where going to be 30" long each and that we needed two I bought one 2x6x8.

I had the hardware store cut the lumber to 30" size.

We toyed with the option of 1x6's but liked the heavier and stronger look the 2x6's have...felt the would give the shelves more of a presence in the bathroom.


Bought 4 galvanized sets of:

  • 3/4" flange
  • 3/4" nipple, 6" long
  • 3/4" end caps

If you are going to have a longer shelve you may wish to be more of each above. Our plan was to have two supporting posts per shelve.

Stain and Paint

As mentioned, I already had some walnut stain laying around although any other stain could work depending on your preference.

I did purchase some Rustoleum Aged Iron and Flat Black spray paint.

Step 2: Prep the Wood

I did sand the wood a slight bit with a medium grain paper and beveled the edges a bit too with it to give it a more used appearance.

Next I stained it, and since it was rather rough to begin with and pine, the stain absorbed quickly.

Step 3: Prep the Metal

My wife, first put a coat of the aged iron to produce the texture.

Then a coat of the flat black.

Step 4: Hang Your Shelves

Hanging was easy for me as the wall was in a great spot with studs lining up perfectly where I needed them.

I was able to secure two screws from the flanges in the studs and I use wall anchors for the other two for each flange.

You could use toggle bolts also and I would recommend ensuring you attach these shelves appropriately as they have some decent weight just by themselves.

I think in total, all materials & supplies came in under $100.