Introduction: Simple - Kaonashi Coin Box

Description : A coin box(bank) that stores coin when a coin is put on its input(sensor)

Structure :


  • Pressure sensor


  • Servo motor(lifts up the input)


  • Something to build outfit (ex. Balsa woods)
  • Servo motor(1~2)
  • Pressure sensor
  • Arduino UNO
  • Wires
  • Computer or power source to connect to Arduino


  • A creative and fun way to store coin

Step 1: Building the Structure

This is the most simple but the necessary part. The general shape would be adjusted by your preference, but I chose a box because it is the simplest shape that anyone can easily build. In order to create a box, a piece of balsa wood will be cut into 4 pieces of 10x15cm and 2 pieces of 10x10 cm. Then, 10x15cm pieces will be cut again in order to create a mouth for the coin box. (reference the pictures attatched)

Step 2: Circuit & Code

This part will be all about softwares. First, the code will make the servo motor to work, by reading in the gravitational force that an object acts on the force sensitive resistor(a.k.a. Pressure sensor), and rotating servo motor according to the value of the force. 2 of the attached pictures are the code and circuit configuration that I used for this project.

Step 3: Finish - Assemble All the Parts Together

This is where the project is getting finished. You can test out if the coin box is working by putting some coins(if does not work, put little heavier objects). This is a prototype and a basic form, and it would be decorated according to your preference.