Introduction: Simple Key Organiser

Create a simple key organiser from a small D Shackle. If you're like me and have loads of keys hanging off your keychain, this is a simple solution to tidy up the mess.

Step 1: What You Need

All you need to make up your simple key organiser is a small D Shackle, some Loctite and a pair of pilers. You should be able to pickup these items at any good hardware store. Just make sure when you select a D Shackle, that the pin of the D Shackle has a diameter smaller than the hole in the key/s.

Step 2: How to Make

Then remove the keys you want to use and feed them on the D Shackle. If you hold a few keys together and line them up against D Shackle, you can check if they fit in nicely. If they appear to be a little loose, simply squash the D Shackle a little with a pair of pilers, until you get it right. Then add a couple of drops of Loctite to the thread, to ensure it doesn't come apart and you're good to go.

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