Introduction: Simple Kids RGB Circuit

This very simplistic designed circuit could be used in classes like STEM to teach students about how electricity combined with an RGB led and push buttons can cause the led to light up different colors depending on which push buttons are pressed.


1 x Common Anode RGB LED
A few Jumper Wires
3 x Push buttons
1 x 180ohm resistor
3 x 470ohm resistor

Step 1: Circuit Design

In my design I am using a common anode led so in this case you would power the positive leg and ground the other leg(s) of the led to make certain colors appear. To do this in a simple way I will be using push buttons to ground the legs which causes them to light up

Step 2: Connect to Power Source

For this circuit it has to be connected to a 5v power source to work. I am using a bench power supply but you can use a small breadboard power supply or an AA tray as a power source. Once you have this done the circuit should light up and you can use it to show kids how electricity works.

Step 3: Possible Other Uses

With this circuit it could also be used in a STEM class to power many things depending on what push buttons are pressed such as dc motors and many other electronics that are widely available.
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