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Introduction: Simple Kitchen Racks From Lean Pipe

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Pictured is an old desk I used to make a "coffee nook" in the kitchen, and my girlfriend requested that I add a bar to hold our mugs. While I was at it I added a bar for pots and pans as well!

The racks are made from "lean pipe", it's a simple pipe-building method with different kinds of finishes that I build things with (desks/workbenches, mostly) as a small business. I used stainless steel because it's being used in the kitchen. All parts are from

The whole thing took roughly one hour, mostly spent measuring and bolting the bars to the wall. Assembling the bars took maybe ten minutes.

Step 1: The Parts You'll Need

Before you get parts, determine how wide you want the bars and how many things you plan to store on them. Make sure you have factored in enough space for the pots, etc. to hang.

For a two-bar rack, you'll need:

- Four end joints

- Four flanges

- Four pole caps

- Two long pipes for the bars (36 inch stainless in this case)

- Four short pipes for the mounts (two inches long each, better if they are not stainless because the stainless pipes don't support the end caps)

- Ten S-hooks (not shown)

Also, wall screws/anchors and mounting hardware. I'd suggest washers on the screws because the mount holes on the flanges are fairly large.

I chose chrome finish joints (instead of black) to match the stainless steel. There are a couple different color options for poles if you don't want stainless (white, black, gray, blue, red).

Step 2: Putting the Bars Together

First you'll need to cut the short mounting poles into 2-inch pieces (a hacksaw works fine), and gently tap the end caps into them (trim off any excess plastic with a sharp knife). Then put the support poles inside the flanges. Finally, attach the end joints to the support poles and the bar.

It's probably a ten to twenty-minute process.

Step 3: Mounting the Bars

Now, just hold the bars where you want to mount them, level them, and mark through the holes on the flanges. Then use screws/wall anchors to fasten them to the wall.

The final step is to hang your hooks on the bars, and hang your kitchen supplies from them.

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