Introduction: Simple K'nex Motor Car

A car made of k'nex run by a motor. The motor is from the carnival set, so you would have to figure something else out if you have a different motor. This is JUST how to build the body. You can make the top however you want.

Pieces needed:

20 white, 2 orange, 10 dark grey

2 grey, 1 yellow, 6 blue, 31 green bars

4 big wheels w/ tires, 1 motor, 10 brown stoppers

+ whatever pieces you need to customize the top.

Step 1: Build the Body


20 White Connectors

31 Green Bars

Arrange the white connectors 5X4, all connected by green bars.

Step 2: The Axels and Wheels

2 grey bars
4 brown stoppers
8 grey connectors
1 motor

Put the motor in the middle, then slide on the two grey connectors on either side. Next put on the wheels and put a grey connector on either end. Then put in the brown stoppers and slide the little nubs on them in to the holes and side of the wheel facing the middle. Do the same thing again without the motor.

Step 3: Attach the Axels to the Body

Pieces :
4 Brown Stoppers
4 Blue Bars

1.Attach the blue bars on the body as shown in the picture with the nubs slid in the little hole in the white connector.
2. & 3. Attach the loose grey connectors to the blue bars.

Step 4: Motor Holder

2 Brown Stoppers
2 Orange Connectors
1 Yellow Bar
2 Grey Connectors

1. Assemble everthing as shown below.
2. Detatch the grey connectors and slide the blue bars in the large holes in the white connectors by the axel with the motor on it. Then slide the stoppers down and attach the grey connectors on top.

Step 5: Customize the Top

Lastly, make the top however you want. It will run as long as nothing stops the motor. Alternativley, replace the tires with chains if you have enough.