Simple Knex Gun

Introduction: Simple Knex Gun

this is my first knex gun, very simple but very powerful if you use a very strong rubber band.

Step 1: Handle

2.Another view
3.Another view

Step 2: Barrel

make all of that...and again I will show different views.

Step 3: Ram Rod

the ram rod for this gun

Step 4: Connecting and Adding Rubber Bands

this will show you how to connect the handle to the barrel and put the rubber bands on to yourram rod and barrel.

Step 5: Done!

you are now done with this. you can use any bullet with this, so long as you can hold the ram rod back for long enough.

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    yeah...I think I'm just gonna stick to making other stuff from now on... I suck at making guns!


    You know... I know this is a really crappy gun and all, but it is after all my first Knex gun


    Well, we have a gun that might have been good in 2007, but it is not a block trigger. Use my pistols as an example for good pistols. 2.5*


    Please tell me how this works, and if you can, mod it to make it better! Just make sure to give credit to me.