Introduction: Simple LED Flashlight

Ever wanted to make a flashlight and not be worried about a complicated rigging? Here is a simple, quick project that shows you how to make a compact button activated flashlight.

Step 1: Gather the Parts


- 4-Prong Button

- 330 Ohm Resistor

- Clear LED

- 9v Battery Connector

- 9v Battery

- Soldering Iron and Solder

Step 2: Clip the Button

Remove the metal prongs as shown in the picture above. Make sure you clip diagonally.

Step 3: Solder on the Button and Resistor

Using your Soldering Iron, apply soldier to connect on prong of the Button to the RED line of the 9v Connector. Solder on the Resistor to the other prong of the Button. These components do not need to be soldered on the right way since they are not polarized.

Step 4: Solder on the LED

Using a Soldering Iron, apply solder to attach the negative side of the LED (the short leg) to the resistor. Apply solder to the positive side of the LED (the long leg) to the black leg. These sides need to be oriented the right way since LED's are polarized.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Your new flashlight should look like the picture above. Attach a 9v battery and press the button. The LED should light up. If not, make sure the the components are properly soldered or check and make sure the LED is soldered the correct way.