Introduction: Simple LEGO Marble Maze

My kids love to create things from LEGO, and they also love playing with marbles. I thought this might just be the perfect way for my 4 and 6 year olds to combine the two activities. I created this super simple maze as a hand held labyrinth to get the marble from point A to point B. It actually gave them quite a bit of play time, and inspired them to create different maze designs of their own!


1 - 16x24 LEGO platform (though you can totally upsize this for more design room)

22 - 4x1 LEGO bricks

8 - 3x1 LEGO bricks

5 - 2x1 LEGO bricks

1 standard marble

Step 1: Create the Outline

Super easy... take your 4x1 bricks and go around the outline of the platform. To fill in, you will also need 2 - 2x1 bricks as well on the long sides.

Step 2: Split the Board in Half

Take more bricks and split the board roughly in half down the middle, leaving room at the bottom for the marble to turn around. Again, this uses 4x1 and 2x1 bricks.

Step 3: Create the Obstacles

Using mainly 3x1 and 2x1 bricks, create the obstacles for your marble maze. Be sure to leave at least 3 dots wide for the marble to move freely through the maze. Dead ends make a small challenge, but are optional. The design I chose is just a suggestion, let your imagination go wild!

Step 4: Place the Marble and Play!

Now that you've built the maze, it's time to test it out with the marble! Pick up the platform and tilt it to guide the marble through the obstacles. I chose to have the start on the top left, finish on the top right, but you could easily invert the two.