Introduction: Simple Ladder Clothes Rack

About: I like building things with wood - both new and reclaimed wood. Profesionally I work as an exhibition builder/designer. In my spare time I build stuff with reclaimed wood.

what to do with stuff you no longer need (and nobody else want anymore) and leftover pieces from previous builds?

make something new i guess.

i made some simple ladder clothes racks, and i mean simple, anyone can do this.

I had a leftover piece of lumber lying around in my garage/workshop that was to big to just throw away and since I have more than enough wood for my fireplace I didn't want to just cut it up into pieces to use as firewood. And I had this child safety fence lying around that I no longer needed (since my kids are old enough now). So instead of throwing it all away I decided to combine them into something new.

Step 1: Materials & Equipment

- piece of lumber (220mm wide, 30mm thick, 2070mm long)

- 1 old disgarded child safety fence

- a track saw (or table saw)

- a drill

- a pockethole drill (20mm)

- some clamps

- woodglue

- sandingpaper (p80-p120-p220)

Step 2: Fabrication

I used my track saw to cut the lumber to size, i made strips of 5cm wide

then test fit the sides into the desired corner and cut the top and bottom to make sure the ladder fits nicely to the wall

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

measure the ladder sides and drill the pocketholes (mine were 20mm) to fit the steps into.

make 1 hole and test fit first.

I that fits good, drill the rest of the holes in both sides.

To cut of the steps from the child safety fence I used my handsaw.

Step 4: Choose Your Size

the first fit I made was to big, it looked strange and to wide,

so I cut my steps to 45cm instead of 60cm that made it look a lot better.

I then sanded the sides going through p80-p120-p220 grid paper.

Step 5: Clamping

last step is filling the pocket holes with some wood glue, mounting the steps and clamping everything down.

I used D4 construction wood glue put any type of wood glue will do the trick as long as you use clamps and respect the advised drying time.

Step 6: Hang Up Those Clothes.

depending on the look you want you can paint or stain the wood. I prefer a more natural look so I left it like this.

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