Introduction: Simple Laptop Stand

Earlier this week, I have bought a new Laptop .Working on that laptop for long hours are killer in back, neck, and overall posture. An easy and affordable way to upgrade the ergonomics of my work space is to grab a simple laptop stand, whether I build one of my own on the cheap or buy cheap or expensive with a fancy design or added features. Purchasing a new Laptop stand is not an easy task. I saw lots of laptop stand designs, but I did not liked anyone. Finally I thought that I can built my own Laptop stand very easily and cheaply. So, I start work on that. I got help from Youtube and google images. By combining some wooden and PVC pipe designs, I have got an idea of this design.

Step 1: Material Needed

For making this PVC pipe plus Wooden Laptop stand you will need

1. Wooden board 1ft x 1ft.

2. 1 inch pvc pipes 1 ft length (4 pcs).I used 2 pcs of 0.75 inches pipes as upper links instead of 1 inch.

3. L shaped metal strips 2 pcs.

4. M6 Joint bolt 2 pcs.

5. M6 Hex bolt 2pcs.

6. Wooden pieces 2 inch x 2 inch(for Knob) 2 pcs.

7. Wooden screws 8 pcs

8. Washer 2 to 3mm thickness,

Step 2: Tools Needed

Some Basic Tools you need

1. Hack saw

2. Drill (6,7,7.5 mm sized).

3.Portable Drill ( for drilling and for screw tightening).

4.Measuring tape.

5. Hammer

6. Files.

7. Emery paper

8. Tri-square or other angle measuring instrument.

9. Hole saw (Not rusty one)

Step 3: Assembling

First cut the wooden board and PVC pipes according to the given sizes.

Cut two PVC pipes on an angle of approx 15 degrees from the edge plane.

Bend metal strips gently to the required 15 degrees angle.

Fix angle strips on wooden board with the help of screws as shown in image

Drill Upper links (PVC pipes) for pivoted joints according to the size of joint bolts.

Drill Base links(PVC pipes) according to the bolt size which is 6 mm.

Cut Wooden Knob in circular shape by using Hole Saw.

Pass M6 bolt through the Knob and screwed this as shown in an image.

Use washers between joints, It make the stand more firm and steady.

Use File or Emery paper for finishing edges of the PVC pipes.

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