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Introduction: Simple Leather Bracelet for Men

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My husband has been watching me make jewelry for a while and recently expressed liking the handmade boro beads I've been getting. So I decided to make him a bracelet that wouldn't be too girly and would incorporate one of the beads I have.

Step 1: BoM

Leather cord

Leather thread

Large hole bead

Jewelry pliers (for pulling etc.)

Leather glue/epoxy (optional)

Step 2: Size

Now, because I don't know how wide my husband's wrist is and he's not home for me to measure, I have to guess. The average man's bracelet size is about 8", so I measured out 10" to account for knots and the loop closure. If it turns out the bracelet is too big for my husband, I can simply cut off the excess and make a new knot.

Step 3: Loop

Take one end of the bracelet and form a small loop. Test the loop against the bead, you want it to be snug as the loop and the bead will be the closure for the bracelet. Clip the loop to the rest of the bracelet to hold it in place.

Step 4: Wrap

Cut off 12 or so inches of the leather thread and tie it around the loop. You can add a little epoxy for added security and then wrap the thread around the loop and tie it off.

Step 5: Knot

At the other end of the bracelet slide your big hole bead on and tie a knot at the very end to secure it. I did this, but the leather I'm using made a knot bigger than the bead so I decided to wrap it with leather thread instead. I followed the same procedure as the previous step, except for including a loop. I secured it with a dab of epoxy.

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