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Introduction: Simple Leather Pouch

I am constantly scoring thrift stores for new materials to use and the other day I came across this perfect long suede shirt for only 5!

I plan to maybe make a larger tote later on ,but I thought the rough thickness of this particular suede would make a really great little pouch for carrying your everyday supplies in a bigger bag.

You really don't need very much to make this :

  1. Scissors or a rotary blade
  2. cutting mat
  3. a medium sized circle of leather or suede
  4. A really long piece of leather lace or any kind of material for a cinch tie
  5. an awl or leather punch
  6. and a toggle of sorts

Step 1: Cut Your Circle

I found a nice large, un-seamed piece of suede at the bottom of my thrifted skirt.

Using chalk and a pie plate, I outlined a circle in chalk with a 10.75" diameter.

I cut it out nice and clean over my mat,just using shears.

Step 2: Punching Holes

I happen to have a really great pair of leather punches so I just used that for my holes. You can just use any sharp poker like an awl, if you don't happen to have leather punches.

I just took a pencil and eyeballed an even number of holes, equally spaced out around my circle.

I ended up with 28 holes about a half inch apart and half inch out from the edge.

And begin poking!

Next you need to lace your bag. I had some old trims off of a pair of leather pants, so i just took some scissors and an exact blade and cut the trims up in one continuous length of lace. You want enough to go around your bag when it is at its widest, completely spread open. Leave excess lace for the tie at the end of the toggle.

Step 3:

Loop your lace through the eyelets . You will want your lace to be thinner than the holes so it does not create too much friction and wear out.

Gather the bag up tight and loop your toggle on, cinch tight up and in,gathering the bag up like a fist.I tied on another piece of lace to my two lengths, so that I could make a nice little braid at the end with a knot.

Step 4: Ready to Go!

And there you have it!

Ready to throw in your bag and go! Im going to use mine for pencils and erasers,sharpener,etc.

If you have suede protector ,you may want to give it a spray to keep it water safe.

thanks for looking!


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    6 years ago

    Thanks, its really nice.


    7 years ago

    Very simple and a great idea! BTW, where did you get that awesome hole puncher?


    7 years ago

    it's so pretty, you do good work


    7 years ago on Introduction

    it was super simple! The only experience I have with leather is wrapping leather lace around dreamcatchers! But it was such nice leather in that skirt,I had to play!

    Very cute bag, looks like it could fit a bunch of useful stuff, not to mention you made it seem so simple!