Introduction: Simple Leeks and Potatoes Soup

This is a very simple and traditional recipe from the north of France. And it's vegan, but of course meat lovers can add some little pieces of... meat.

You are going to need (for 1 person) :

2 leeks
2 little potatoes or a bigger one (photo)
5 cl of cream (heavy cream)

Step 1: Prepare the Leeks and the Potatoes

First, cook potatoes in water. You can prepare leeks while potatoes are getting ready.

Cut the leeks sheets as on the photo.

Step 2: Prepare Leeks, Part 2

Chop the leeks this way. Or another way. Anyway, they are going to be blended latter...

Then rinse up all your leeks under water.

Step 3:

Cook leeks too. 15 to 20 cl (about a small glass) of water should be enough for a leek.
Leeks are going to lose their water in the soup, so you don't need to put to much water.

Cover. Then heat up !

Step 4: Mix All

When the leeks and he potatoes are ready :

Blend the leeks.
Peel the potatoes.
Add the potatoes to the soup and blend it again, until thick and smooth.

Add salt and pepper to your convenience. If you think it can use a little more water, add water.

Step 5: Add Cream. It's Ready !

Now, it's almost ready. Add some cream to the end and try to make the dish pretty.

And because it's a french recipe from north of France, of course you should eat it with some bread. Maybe you can try a to cook a bread from the bread contest.

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