Simple Lego Police Car

Introduction: Simple Lego Police Car

This is my lego police car. This is very simple if you have the right peices. This is for people that are begginers at lego. please dont be harsh in the comments section as this i my first instructable.

Step 1: Peice List

This is the peices that you will need:

2x 3by1 blue
1x 4by1 white
2x 2by2 blue
1x 2by1 red
1x steering wheel
1x chair
2x 1by1 triangular lights
4x small wheels
1x vent
1x vent holder
1x trapezium shaped peice
2x small windows
1x base

Step 2: Making It...

add steering wheel and windows then your done.

big thanks to cinnes1

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2 years ago

I like it


7 years ago

Okk for first instructable