Introduction: Simple Lego IPod/iPhone Dock

So, i was tired of having to lay by iPhone on my desk for syncing, charging, etc., so I made a nice little dock for it. It'sfaily simple, easily customizable, and perfectly functional. Unfortunately i didn't take pictures of the process (i didn't even have an Instructables account) but i think it's simple enough you should be able to figure it out. If you have any questions or want more details, comment and i'll either explain or make a clone and document the process better.

Yes, this is my first Intructable.

Step 1: Overview/Materials

-a bunch of Legos. Lots of the pieces i use have easy substitutes, but if you want to follow my directions step-for step, these pieces all come with Lego Mindstorms NXT.
-Something to put on it. I made this for my iPhone, but it can undoubtedly be customized for a Droid, a dinky little flip phone, or a horde of other things.

Step 2: Cradle

The first step is to create the the actual thing that holds the device. You can see in the the types of pieces used, not the small rubber pieces to make sure the phone is there firmly and ti keep it from falling off. These are used at the bottom to keep the phone from sliding and at the sides to give it a nice tight fit.
Make sure you use long enough rods to accommodate the back support to keep it from laying flat.

Step 3: Back Support

Te back support was kind of hard to get just right for me. Because the iPhone is raised off the ground for the cable to get in, it becomes top heavy. you have to offset this with sufficient support. I just used a long Beam with a bent end and attached a piece at the bottom to make change the direction of the holes. You can see this piece best in the main picture. Then, i put a piece 3 units long into it and attached two elbow pieces to each. This nis best seen in the final picture. 
This is the most easily customizable step, i did it because i needed to, you can most likely make it look "prettier."

Step 4: Front Bottom

This section is also important to make it high enough off of the ground for the cable to fit under.
at first, i only used the piece that i used for the back legs, the one that connects on either side of the beam. However, this wasn't long enough. using a blue converter piece, i attached a 90 degree elbow joint with a rubber piece on the end.

Step 5: Finished!

You should be just about done by now. If you want to customize it, go for it. If you don't have a bumper/case on your iPhone, it may not fit snugly, but you should be able to fix that but sliding the sides a bit closer in. the rubber pieces should keep it from hurting whatever you may stick in this little stand.