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Introduction: Simple Life Basics for Kids

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Having life as a kid is fun. But it is short. And hard. This is why I created this Instructable to show you kids cool "dumbed down" stuff to do before your childhood comes to an end. Some of these tricks come from the internet (example: rubber band shooting).So, without further ado, let's move on! And also, enjoy this Instructable and post suggestions!

+ This was inspired by "A kid's survival guide" by Geek101, so I give credit to him.

Step 1: Making a Movie Without Adult Help

Us kids have difficulties making movies without adult help, mostly because they're hard to make. This is how we can all make movies without adult help.
Things that you will need (or actually already have):
One camera
One computer and one video editing software
One notebook and pencil
A few actors/actresses
A few props
(Optional) A blank DVD
(Optional) A YouTube account

1: Find a concept that you could make a movie about.
2: When you find that concept, gather a few friends and write a script.
3: Plan what month/day/time you will be filming. You can't film it today (since you won't have time).
4: When it's time to film, gather your actors/actresses, props, everything essential, and film. This will take about a week to do so.
5: When you are done filming, get on your computer, go on Movie Maker (or iMovie or any other editing software) and edit it to your personal touch. You can add music, and other sound effects to your personal touch.
6: Invite the crew of the movie to watch a screening of it. If there is stuff you need to edit out of the movie, do so.
7: Time to show the final project! Show the movie to the crew, and it is also the time to burn it on a blank DVD, or upload it to YouTube.

- Film in a quiet place where there are nobody in the background "doing their own thing" (mowing the yard, etc.) This way, there will be no distractions, resulting in a good movie.
- Have fun!

Step 2: Shooting Rubber Bands With One Hand

Surprisingly, most kids don't know this one. But if you're in your classroom and need to defend yourself, *pew pew pew*.

1: Make a gun shape with your shooting hand.
2: Put the rubber band in your index finger like image 1.
3: Stretch the rubber band out to your thumb like image 2.
4: Let your thumb go.

Step 3: Flash Mob Via the Classic "pass It On" Trick

A unexpected flash mob can be made via the classic "pass it on" trick in class.

Warning: This is only for the people who are not sensitive to self humiliation and a chance of a trip to the principal's office! Be careful of getting caught because flash mobs are considered mean sometimes.

1: Whisper to the closest classmate you can gain trust from in the middle of class "At (insert time here), stand up and dance. Pass it on." The classmate will simply pass it on to the next classmate.

2: At the suggested time, the class will stand up and dance. This can be really, really funny, but risky.

If you are starting the flash mob to get revenge on someone, tell everyone in the class except for the classmate you want to revenge on.

Step 4: Easy Way to Waste Time in Class

Ask the teacher to go to the bathroom every period. But this time, go to the water fountain, then to the bathroom, and then back to water. This will waste about 5 minutes every time you go. Since you are going every period, this will waste 35-45 minutes which is a big difference.

Step 5: Listen to Your IPod in Class

Even if your school is not Innovate Manhattan Charter School (a cool school in New York that lets you listen to your iPod in class), you can listen to your iPod in class, stealthly. But, whatever you do, don't unplug those earphones!
1: Bring your iPod with earphones to school.
2: Plug your earphones into your iPod.
3: The trick is to put your iPod in your pocket, run the earphone strap through your shirt, and into your collar, and put one earphone on your ear, and cover the earphone with your hand while laying your elbow down on the desk, while doing your work, listening to music stealthly.

Step 6: Cool Stuff

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    8 years ago

    How old ARE you


    8 years ago

    I do the bathroom trick ah church sometimes. When we've been singing a LOOOONG time I go in the bathroom and play on my phone. #guilty

    It shows you stuff to do as a kid and shows you how to survive in several occasions (e.g. a rubber band war during math class)


    9 years ago

    Yes! I actually have have been making them for quite a while


    9 years ago

    Have you tried making a movie yet?