Introduction: Simple Light Machine


I am going to use arduino to make a simple light machine. This machine is very simple, but it required some materials that related to arduino. Every people can make it easily.


Step 1: Prepare the Materials That You Need

1. Arduino panel

2. Two of arduino's wires

3. Arduino's resistance

4. Arduino's led light

5. three pieces of paper

Step 2: Start to Make This Simple Light Machine

You can follow this picture to make the machine.

There are three things that I change to do this light machine. The first thing is to change the cover of this light machine. The second thing is to change the color of the light. The last thing is to make the light blink in every 2 seconds.

Here is the link to the changes.

Step 3: Use the Paper to Make a Cover for the Light Machine

You can do the same thing as this picture.

Step 4: Make Another Paper Cover to Cover the Light

You can follow the picture

Step 5: You Finish This Simple Machine!

Congratulations! You can put this simple machine on your desk. When you are going to study, you can use this simple machine.