Introduction: Simple Little Fire Pit

If you happen to be in the same circumstance as I was where you wanted a fire pit but due to having a small backyard, Townhome, none of the store ones were small enough then this might be what you are looking for.

I wanted a fire pit but didn't want to pay for the expensive store ones and all that I could find were way too big for our tiny backyard. So, I just figured I'd make one. This is a super easy and cheap design that only requires a small amount of tools that most people have.

Tools Needed:


Drill bit



Stand $12 Home Depot Plant Stand

Tray $18 Amazon Serving Tray

3 Bolts with nuts and washers

Heat resistant paint (optional)

Step 1: Hardware

The two main hardware parts consist of a plate like object to hold the fire and a stand to keep it off of the ground and to make it easier to cook s'mores over.

The Plate I got was a stainless steel serving tray form Amazon. I chose this because most fire pits that I see usually rust through the bottom so I was trying to prevent that. You can use any type tray/bowl that you want but I suggest 14in as the minimum diameter. This is to prevent any burning wood from falling out as the fire collapses.

The stand that I got was just a regular old plant stand from Home Depot. It was cheap, metal, and the size I needed. You can get this one or any other one that you choose. Just make sure that there is some way to attach the Plate portion to the stand.

Step 2: Building It

Now to get building. It's pretty simple. Don't worry.

All you really have to do is lay the stand on top of the plate, both upside down, and drill holes so that bolts with washers can lock the two parts together. You need the holes close enough to the bars on the stand so that when you have a bolt thought the holes, a washer won't be able to fall through the gap. You can add another hole to the center of the plate to prevent standing water in the plate if you plan on leaving this outside.

You then just bolt it together and paint it with some heat resistant paint, if you want it painted. I used a BBQ spray paint for this and it has held up pretty well so far.

Step 3: Cutting Wood and Making Fire

The only difference that you will have with this fire pit is that standard logs will not fit on it. To make my wood for this I cut standard logs in half lengthwise and then split them to give me smaller pieces just perfectly sized for this fire pit.

All that is left is to take it outside and enjoy the warm fire and all the wonderful things you can cook on it.

Because of its small size it is best for up to 4, maybe 6 people around it.


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