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Introduction: Simple Live Edge Shelving

In this instructable I will show you how to make a simple live edge shelf. I made this out of a slab of pine. There are 3 in total that I bought on ebay for a resonable price. So once wood is aquired you can start your own. Hope you enjoy reading.

Step 1: Back Story

So a little about why I am building these shelves. My brother came to me over the holidays with an idea for a gift for my father. My father just finished his man cave, and my borther thought of a great idea to get my father all the team cans that bud light was selling for the year. His problem was not getting ahold of all the cans, but how he was going to display them for him. Thats where I come in with the idea of a live edge shelf to display all the cans.

Step 2: To Start

After you gather the wood there are a few tools that you need in fact you need 3.

Table saw or skill saw

pistol drill

kreg pocket hole jig or similar product

Step 3: Measure and Cut

The slabs that I acquired where about 10 inches wide by 3/4" thick by 6 feet long. I wanted a large top, to place the cans on, but i didnt want 10 inches sticking out from the wall. So cut the slabs about 6 inches from the live edges and that left a 4 inch piece to attach to the underside of the shelf.

Step 4: Pocket Holes

I was going for a simple way to attach the two pieces together and remembered that i have a pocket hole jig that i have barely used. So I set the jig and drill 8 screw holes for added security. Two on the left two in the middle and 2 on the right. The pocket hole jig is very simple to use. You line the jig up to the desired side of you work clamp the jig down with the clamp on the jig and use the designated drill bit to drill your holes. Repeat as necessary.

Step 5: Screw

Next you screw you two boards together. I used the screw that came with the jig to secure the boards. you just want to make sure that you stay square the whole way through, so your back of your shelf will be level.

Step 6: Finish

First lightly sand you work. I only sanded to 120 grit for the desired look. After sanding i used a clear polyurethane to seal my shelves. I just brushed that on 3 coats and a light sanding with 220 grit in between each coat allowing it to dry in between.

Thats it a simple live edge shelf. We have still not hung any of the shelves. This is due to the fact my father is still putting the finishing touches to his man cave. As soon as we can push him to finish, I will have photos of them up on the wall.

Thanks for reading. I would love to see what others have done and if there is anything different you may think i could have done.

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    3 years ago

    this looks beautiful. I know it is intended for a man cave, but I can see it in our vacation cabin. I even know a saw mill I can get the wood from.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks it was a fun project and pretty easy to tackle. I think it would be great in any room of a house, that has that rustic look. I would love to see it when your done.