Introduction: Simple Machine Food Cutter for People With Arthritis (Overview)

In this website I will be showing you on how you can create this machine. The materials you will be needing are:
Ply wood
Small wooden rods

The tools you will be needing are:
Wood glue
Hot glue
Scroll saw/Hack saw (Scroll saw is faster)
Duct tape

In the photo there are the pieces you will need to create the project. This drawing is not drawn to scale but gives you an overall view on how the shape should look like and how many you will need. The first few things you need to keep in mind is that you should have a clear spot to work on, another thing to think about is to know how to use the tools and not to injure yourself.

Step 1: Steps

The first steps of this project is to cut out the Base that is the cutting board. This cutting board will be made out of Ply wood

1. Cut out the bigger piece of the base followed by the smaller pieces.
2. Take the base and glue the edges to the fitting length on the base
3. Glue each sedge together so that each side is stable
4. Take the duplicate of the base and glue it on the sides the structure
5. Let it dry somewhere where it doesn't disturb you

The next step is to create the back boards
Starting on with backboard number 1

1. Cut each of the pieces of the cutting board and glue the sides together

The other backboard will be assembled like the first one
When both of the backboards have been assembled attached them to the side where the cut out section is located. Do that by adding glue to the base and then attaching the backboards to the side fitting so that the backboards are the same size as the free space.

The mechanism is where you need to cut out some circles. The ramp on a circle will have to be cut out 10 times to make the thickness. The thin strips will be made out of cardboard. The circles are made out of plywood cut each circle twice.

1. Take the strip of cardboard and glue it with hot glue on the edge of the circles
2. Drill one hole in the middle of the all circle the size of the wooden sticks
3. Drill a hole in the middle of the amp that has been turned into a circle

The backboards need holes so that the wooden sticks can be accepted. Drill holes the same size of the sticks two holes on the right side of the backboard. One at the bottom level and the other on a higher level. Do the same on the same level on the other side of the same backboard as well. Drill holes on the inside of the left Backboard on the same levels of all the other holes. In the bottom right corner of the backboard on the side drill a hole the same size as all the other holes.

Create the handle and the knife holder out of plywood and assemble them with wood glue using the first picture as reference. Drill a hole in the centre of the knife holder so that it has a pivot point

Final Assembling
Poke the sticks through each circle and put the ramp circle into the bottom of where the cut section of the base. Make sure that the stick ticks out of the right side of the backboard. On the same stick attach the big circle. In the top hole of the cut section attach the knife holder to a stick and put it into the top holds above the ramp on a circle so that they are touching. Last step is to put the small circle on a stick and put it into the hole in the bottom right corner of the side piece. Glue the handle in the middle of the smaller circle. Take a piece of string and make it around each circle.

The final product should work so that if the small circle is spun by using the handle moving the in circle making the ramp move and then making the knife holder move up and down. The last step ids to then clip the knife to the holder and it should cut.