Introduction: Simple Magazine Christmas Tree

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My aunt taught me how to make these when I was 6 and I've been making them every year since :)

All you need is a magazine to make these trees so you can make them anywhere, even on the go or in a hotel. There are no sharp objects to get poked on either so everyone in the family can participate worry free.

The trees can also be made quickly, around 15 minutes depending on how many pages your magazine has so this project is perfect for if you want to spruce up your house with some holiday cheer before guests come over.


A magazine with at least 60 pages (otherwise your tree will look funny and won't open up well)

Step 1: First Fold

The first step is to lay your magazine vertically on a flat surface like a table or your legs.

Then fold the top right corner of the first page, in this case cover, of the magazine down to meet the left side edge of the book (the spine).

Step 2: Second Fold

Now take the new diagonal edge of the page and fold that over to the left to meet the spine.

Step 3: Third Fold

Finally, fold the little triangle at the bottom that sticks over the edge of the magazine up so the bottom of the flap is level with the rest of the magazine.

Step 4: Repeat!

Now all you have to do is repeat those 3 simple folds on every page in your magazine and you'll have a gorgeous looking baby Christmas tree in no time at all!

Step 5: Bend Back and You're Done!

Once you finish all the pages, bend the flaps back a bit so the tree looks even without a big hole in the back. You don't even need glue. It will stay put without, but of course if you want, you can reinforce it.

Ta Da! ✨ Wasn't that so simple?! Enjoy making memories with your own family and I'd love to see pictures of how yours turned out :)

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