Introduction: Simple Mario Lamp

We all have played with Mario Bros games and i saw few people bringing Mario to life by making lamps etc.

So I thought to make one too...
This build is simple, no expensive tools needed and we recycled old toy...

Fun project for kids

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- A transparent cube puzzle
- Cartige paper
- Glue stick
- Haxo knife
- A27 12v battery
- push button ( locking )
- wire
- Led strip
- Transparent tape

Step 2: Outer Case

- Cover the 4 sides of the cube using paper
- Cut 8 bit style Question mark and paste it on the sides
- I left the top blank, but you can cover it

Step 3: Electronic

- We are using a simple push button stuck at the center od the bottom plate
- With one wire to a 27a 12v battery and another to a led strip
- Solder all connections and secure using super glue or double side tape

Step 4: Testing

Since the push button is upside down, one needs to hit the cube to activate


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