Introduction: Simple Metal Polishing

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Well, I did this very useless, a-dime-a-dozen, instructable, just because i had free time and wanted to upload the video somewhere. Anyways, in this instructables, i will show you how to polish simple metallic obejects!


Something to polish (In this case, my airsoft revlover's metal shells)
High-grit sandpaper (800+ grit) [around $5 for 4 large 8.5" x 11' sheets]
Polishing Compound [$6 for the jar shown, you can use this thing forever...]
Polishing Sponge (or any equivalent) [0-$5]
A Rag[$0]

Step 1: First Step (Sanding)

As shown, i wrapped the sandpaper around the shell itself. Try to give as much movement as you can, as in my case, i twisted the shell adn pulled it in and out at the same time. Do this till you get an evenly shiny (yet still dull) look.

Step 2: Polishing

Now, get some of that compound on the sponge ( or a tissue like me XD) and apply some to the metal surface. Start rubbing the object thoroughly. You will notice a lot of black rubbing off, but this is perfectly normal. Keep polishing until you believe you got every nook and cranny.

Step 3: Cleaning

Now get the rag, and wipe the object that you just polished. Get all that black gunk off and will reveal a shiny surface!

Step 4: I Like Shiny Stuff....

Well, the only reason i did this was to play witht the light refractions off of my laser, so here it is!