Introduction: Simple Milk Carton Vase

This time of year I love giving fresh flowers to my friends, but don't want to risk putting them into a glass vase that I would want to have returned. This simple modification to a plastic milk carton makes a lovely disposable vase that holds the stems vertically so they make an attractive bouquet unlike where same blossoms are just placed in a simple cut down carton. (See 2nd photo)



plastic milk carton, sharpie, scissors and optional strip of scrap paper

Step 1:

with sharpie, draw a cut line around carton slightly below base of the handle. then using scissors cut bottle apart.

remove label.

Step 2: Optional Scolloped Edge -template

Cut a strip of scrap paper to wrap around the cut edge of the bottom part of the carton. I used a strip of newspaper. folded in half and then quarters. and in half again for 1/8 strip. draw curved line - high at 1 folded edge, swooping down to low point at other crease. Cut on line.

Step 3: Scalloped Edge Continued

Wrap newspaper template around carton and trace edge with a sharpie. I chose to have the low part of the scallop centered across the corner, but it would look nice centered along a side. Cut top edge along lines with scissors. If desired, decorate edge with marker.

Step 4: Create the Narrow Opening for Vase

Stick the top you cut from the carton, down into the base to form a narrow opening for your vase. You might need to pinch the edge a little to get it in.

Step 5: Add Flowers and Water!

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