Introduction: Simple Mimicking Robot Arm Using Arduino

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Hello all, I Hope you all are safe. I'm here with another very simple project which you can build with very few components. In this writeup, I'm going to tell you, how you can make a simple mimicking robotic arm using Arduino and Servo motors, So let's see..

Step 1: Components Used

To make this project you need 3 main components i.e. Arduino, Servos, and Potentiometers

I used here a Robot shield also. But this robot shield is not mandatory if you have some basics knowledge about Arduino. This robot shield makes the connections easy that's why I used it here.

1- Arduino uno x1 ______________________________INDIA/ USA

2- Micro Servo motor x4 _________________________INDIA / USA

3- 10k potentiometers x4 ________________________ INDIA / USA

4- Robot Shield x1 _____________________________ DM HERE

5- Some sticks

Step 2:

Now let's assemble the robot arm. Here we need to make two arm assemblies one is with the servo motors and another one is with potentiometers. Please check the videofor these assemblies. I keep both these assemblies very simple. I just glued all servo motors with each other using hot glue. I used a stick in between shoulder and wrist joint.

Step 3:

For making jaw, I used a piece of an empty IC container. I heat up it bit and gives it round shape by pressing it on a permanent marker pen. And then glue it with jaw servo. And the actuator arm is ready.

Step 4:

After making the actuator arm its time to make a master arm that will control the movements of the first arm.

So here also I used the same method as previous. I glued all potentiometers with each other with the help of hot glue.

Step 5: Connections for Robot Shield

Use this connection diagram if you are using therobot shield

Step 6: Connections If You Are Not Using Robot Shield

Use this connection diagram if you are not using Robot Shield.

Step 7:

After doing all connections. It's time to program it. The program is too simple for this project. I just modified an example code in Arduino. I picked up the knob code from servo examples, and add 3 more servo pins and potentiometer pins in it. You can download the code from here.

Step 8:

Connect Arduino with the computer using USB cable. Open the code, select the COM port from the tools menu on which, your Arduino is connected. Select board type as Arduino UNO from the tools menu. Click upload, after successfully upload the program now it's ready to play.

Hope you find this useful. if yes, like it, share it, comment your doubt. For more such projects, follow me! Support my channel on YouTube.

Thank you!


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