Simple Mindlblowing Card Trick

Introduction: Simple Mindlblowing Card Trick

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This card trick is extremely simple but is fools a lot of people. Whether you want to become a wizard or just want to impress your friends, this card trick is perfect for any level of skill.

Step 1: For the Best Results

For the best results you either need to be a good talker or have a table. If you have both then great! This trick is all about distraction.

Step 2: Shuffle

Shuffle your cards in front of the audience and show them that there isn't a set up.

Step 3: Pick a Card

Have one of the audience members pick a card.

Step 4: Turning Deck

Next turn the deck face up and flip the first card so it is facing down. Do this under the table or while distracting the audience by talking.

Step 5: Putting the Card Back

Have your audience member put the card back into the middle. They will see the first card and pit it in the same way the first card is facing.

Step 6: More Distractions

While distracting the audience or under the table, flip the top card back over and then flip the entire deck back to how it originally was.

Step 7: Revealing

Say to the audience "I'm going to set the card you picked apart from the others" and then snap or rub the cards or some weird thing. Now to reveal the card either spread them out on the table or fan them out. Their card will be the only card facing up in the deck and your audience will be amazed.

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    3 years ago

    What you should do is let them pick their card, talk and/or ask something to distract them and flip the bottom card over and have the side you flipped the card on and pretend that its the top, and take the card and put the card somewhere, but make sure not to reveal the deck, flip the same card you flipped earlier back the normal way, then spread the cards out and its either flipped up or down, and its their card. Volia


    This was not my favorite trick, probably because of the hiding under the table thing. When I did it to my family, they were like "What are you doing under the table? Huh?" So... not the best :(