Introduction: Simple Minecraft Vehicle

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This is a very simple device, environmentally friendly, although very noisy. Perhaps this is the simplest form of the slime blocks engine, well known to many of the minecrafters.

It’s rather easy to make it.
We need

  1. Slime blocks: 4 (one to destroy)
  2. Sticky pistons: 3
  3. Blocks of Redstone: 3
  4. Stones : 8 (will be destroyed in construction time)

Step 1: Support Blocks

First, put support blocks, in order it to be convenient to fix sticky pistons.

Step 2: Stiky Pistons

Now attach sticky pistons, taking into account the direction. Two pistons should be installed along the direction of movement, one - in the opposite direction.

Step 3: Destroy Support

Now we can delete the support blocks.

Step 4: Slime Blocks

And put the slime blocks.

Step 5: Power

Last part - three Redstone blocks.

Step 6: Global View

Let's see how the whole design looks like.

Step 7: Time to Run

And now it's time to start the engine!
Mute the sound on your computer.

To the front sticky piston we fix the Slime Block and the engine will start working!

Immediately after the start, this Slime Block can be destroyed, it is needed just to initiate the motion.

And we can see the trike disappearing over horizon.

Step 8: Full Video

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