Introduction: Simple Mini Pom Pom Garland

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Ever wanted to mass produce small balls of cuteness? A DIY that does not take to much time and works great for family crafting? Well.... Simple mini pom poms is the answer!

Items required:

  • Yarn
  • Fork
  • Scissor

Step 1: Watch This! :)

This is a video instruction I made for this project! :) Please give it a view!

Step 2: Work Fast!

Start of by cutting a yarn string that is around 6m. Apply one of the edges to on side of the fork. Then start wrapping the yarn around the fork as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Tie It Together!

After all 6m is wrapped around the fork it is time to tie the ball of fluffiness together!

Cut a shorter piece of yarn, I used yarn from the same yarn ball to make the knot invisible. Then bring one of the ends true the middle of your fork and tie the short yarn piece together. Make one single knot, at the same time as you tighten the first knot pull the ball of the fork. You will notice that you where able to tighten the knot even more after the ball is removed from the fork.

Make a second standard knot to prevent the first knot to untighten it self.

Step 4: Make Fluffiness!

You will notice some loops from the 6m of string. Use a scissor to cut those lops to turn them into strings instead. Make sure you do not cut the string that holds these strings together! (the shorter string you tied around the long one). Or you will end up having small yarn pieces every were!

After all loops have bin cut you will notice that your wonderful ball is not as much ball as you might have wished for... That is correct! You will need to trim the short string with the scissor to make the ball round. Not to hard! :)

Step 5: Decoration!

I used the remains of the short string that we tied it all together with, to attach the balls to a new yarn string. I then trimmed the remains down to the same length as the ball. This way the attachments turn invisible!

I then tied two loops at the ends of the string that holds the ball for easy attachment indoors!

Step 6: Result!

Watch this video to see some result shoots in the beginning of the video tutorial! :)
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Thanks for your time and happy crafting!

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