Introduction: Simple Multimeter Test Leads Organizers

Are you tired of unraveling tangled test lead wires? I was. Here's a simple trick I discovered to store mine. With this method, you can tidy up your leads and get rid of some pipe scraps lying around the workshop at the same time!

Step 1: Materials

I had two sets of leads, an alligator clip set and straight points. I made 4 organizers, one for each lead. The materials and tools list is fairly short.
You Will Need:
- 2 or 3 feet of 1" PVC pipe
- A drill and a drill bit slightly larger than the plug (meter end) of your test lead - probably a 3/8"
- A hacksaw or some other means of cutting pvc pipe

Step 2: Construction

Feel free to measure and make everything exact, but since I cared more about function than form I just eyeballed everything and so this instructable has no exact measurements.
Take the probe end of your test lead, and cut a length of PVC about 1/2" longer than the stiff part of the probe end. Now you need to drill a hole near one end. the plug on your test lead must fit in. mine are 3/8". You'll find that unless you have a drill press, it is very difficult to drill a hole in a pipe without the bit wandering. One quick trick is to drill a hole in a scrap of wood and hold it tightly against the pipe where you want the hole in the pipe. The wood will keep the bit from wandering as you drill.
In the other end, cut a notch as wide as your wire. Look at the picture of how I cut mine and cut yours deeper. Mine are a tad shallow. There! Now you're done. stick the plug in the hole you drilled and wrap the wire around the pipe, working toward the opposite end. when you have the wire almost all wound, stick the probe end down the center of the pipe, then finish wrapping the wire until tight. Insert the wire in the notch to keep it from unraveling, and you can put your leads in a drawer without fear of them twisting. Happy Making!

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