Simple Mushroom Drying Stand




Introduction: Simple Mushroom Drying Stand

A couple of days ago a neighbor came over with a lote of mushrooms and we started to clean them. After making a great chanterelle sandwich to lunch of the yellow sort we started to discuss how to preserve the brown ones. We decided to dry them. Now i needed a way to dry them. So I started to sketch.

Step 1: Main Body

The main body consists of 4 wooden planks, the two first are 60 cm and the other two are 55 cm. On the main body we will place a net so the mushrooms can dry fast and are placed on something.

Step 2: Legs

To be able to stack the stands on each other, it needs legs. I cut 4 planks by 17,5 cm and placed them on each corner with 22,5 ° or (1/8°) if you don't understand right now you will see soon what mean.

Step 3: Material

What you need:

• About 3 meter of planks with a dimensions of 2,5 cm by 5 cm
• Net to cover the main body
• 8 Skrews, not to short perhaps 5-7 cm long
• Skrews driver
• A saw
• Staple gun
• Something to cut the net with

Step 4: Cuting the Wood

Step 5: Collect the Wood and the Screws

Step 6: Building the Main Body

Start with placing two screws as shown on the pic, so that the screws line up with the next plank.

Step 7: Joint It Together

Screw the 60 and 55 together as the pic shows. Do this with both 55 on one 60.

Step 8: Make It a Square

Screw the second 60 on so it's makes a square. The main body is now finished.

Step 9: Legs

For best stability place the legs as it's shows on the pic.

Step 10: Place the Legs Screws

Before you place the screws to the legs, ju most think you act, because it isn't so much space. Try to first place the leg and try to find out we're to place the screw on the other side.

Step 11: Place Screws on All Corners

Step 12: Screwing the Legs

Let's screw on all legs. It can possibly be a bit tricky.

Step 13: Net

My net is 20 cm width so I needed 3 pieces à 60 cm.

Step 14: Put the Net On

Place the net on the stand and attache it with a staple gun. Try to pull it when stapling so it gets a bit stiff.

Step 15: Finished Product

Now you have a very practical drying stand for those delicious mushrooms. Hope you liked this instructables. Please comment if you have any ideas of improvements to it.

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    8 years ago

    Ah yes now I can easily dry my mushrooms


    8 years ago on Introduction

    hi sorry what should i use for key words my subject about toy help


    8 years ago

    No problem, just happy that you liked it!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    thanks so much for sharing this, very clear Instructable - and helpful for drying anything!