Introduction: Simple N20 Screw Driver

Cordless power screwdriver is not so expensive, I here to make a simple one with LED lighting in a cheaper way and is good for STEM project.


  • N20 (motor shaft ~1cm) motor (x1)
  • 9V battery and cap (x1)
  • microswitch (mouse) (x2)
  • M2 screws and nuts (x4)
  • White LED (x1)
  • 330Ω resistor (x1)
  • electric wires (some)
  • zip tie (x1)
  • copper connector for screw bits (optional)
  • 3D printed parts (PLA, 20% density) : body, head (cylinder or hexagon)

Step 1: Understanding the Circuit

There are plenty designs of cordless power screwdriver which using N20 motor, the circuit is simple and here I draw them for illustration.

Step 2: Installing LED

The screwdriver using 2 LED for lighting, only "one" will be "ON" when pressing the switch.

The 330Ω resisitor is used for limiting the current.

Step 3: Installing Screwdriver Bit

U can using a "copper connector" to connect hex bits (precision) or using the 3D printed part (provided) for commonly used hex bits

Step 4: Installing Microswitches

U need to drill 4 holes for holding the microswitches and secure them by using M2 screws and nuts.

Please refer to "Step 1" for wiring and using zip tie to organize them.

Step 5: Finished

Although u can use 9V battery, I usually use old one (from previous arduino projects)

Use at your own risks !


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