Introduction: Simple Necklace

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This is a very delicate looking and simple little necklace, perfect for a gift.

Step 1: Materials

I used the 18'' silver plated chain from Michaels which includes a clasp. You also need their silver spacer beads, 3mm Swarovski crystals in the color of your choice, and the Swarovski crystal glue pen. Besides the materials from Michaels, you will also need some pliers or tweezers.

Step 2: Open the Clasp

Open the small circle that attaches to to clasp with your pliers

Step 3: Pull the Spacer Bead Through

Pull one of the spacer beads through the chain, I used the largest one from the pack because it was the only type that would fit through. The chain barely goes through these beads so if you can find larger ones or a thinner chain it would work much better. I actually wrapped some thread around the end of my chain to get it through the start of the bead (it's easier to pull) and it took awhile getting it to the center.

Step 4: Close the Clasp

Use your pliers again and re attach the circle to the clasp

Step 5: Glue a Second Spacer On

Since the crystals are too wide to fit on these beads, I glued two of them together. Just use the crystal glue to attach a similar sized bead to the one you strung through earlier and wait a few minutes for it to set.

Step 6: Lay Out Your Design

I used seven crystals for my design but you could use a maximum of eight or even just a few to make it more subtle. Another option is to avoid crystals all together and just keep adding the metal spacers in a cascading order. To arrange the crystals it is best to use your tweezers or pliers. The glue comes with a thing to pick up the crystals but it doesn't work as precisely.

Step 7: Glue on the Crystals

Spread a line of the glue in the crease of the two spacers. The glue doesn't dry too fast but you will still need to work pretty quickly. Use the pliers or tweezers to place the crystals roughly on the beads in the design you made beforehand. Then you can carefully use your fingers to slide each crystal exactly in place. Mine was dry in about 5 minutes but It is a good idea to let it sit overnight before wearing.

Step 8: Wear or Gift

Since the chain is adjustable, you can wear this short or long, however I think it looks best at its shortest. Enjoy your necklace!

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