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Introduction: Simple Night Light Using Fairy Lights

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I used to use simple night bulb, but then I had some amazing fairy lights, thought why not to use them as night light instead?

This also prevents the light from bulb to disrupt sleep if I ever got up at night and most importantly the view is amazing.

So this string of fairy light runs straight across my bed to my bathroom.

I have used a LDR so I don't have to use any switch and they turn ON when I put OFF my room lights at night.

Step 1: Components

1. Fairy Lights

2.Variable Resistance

3.1K resistor


5. Transistor 2n2222 or ksp2222 or any alternative

6. 18650 battery for Power supply

7. Bread board

8. Jumper Wires

Step 2: The Circuit

The circuit is as simple as it could be.

You can use resistor in series with the LEDs but Output of circuit won't damage it, so I didn't use any.

The variable resistor is optional but it comes handy when you want to change the brightness of the LED string.

We can use either of the P or N type of 2222 transistor, the pin diagram for both is shown, you just have to put the wiring correctly taking care of where the Emitter-Base-Collector pins of the transistor are there.

Step 3: The Working and Wiring

Firstly, I cut or removed the wire of the fairy lights from the battery box it comes with as I had to power it and whole circuit separately with 18650 from my laptop since its easy to recharge these 18650s and I hate spending money on batteries so I prefer 18650.

The wiring is simple The Emitter is directly connected to the Positive of battery.

The LED string is connected between the negative of battery and the Collector Pin of the transistor with positive end of LED connected to Collector and negative end to negative of battery.

Now the Base too is connected to positive of battery but via the LDR and Variable resistance in between.

Variable resistance and a 1K ohm resistor runs in Series, and LDR is in Parallel to this circuit and then connected to the Base, this helps to change the brightness of the fairy LED string.

Once the Circuit is ready, You are ready to Test.

Yay..!! Your Night LED fairy string is ready..

Enjoy the View.

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