Introduction: Simple No-Sew 5 Minute Cupcake Pincushion

Hello All, this is my first 'ible, though I've been around and creating for awhile. Bear with me as I work out the kinks! :D
I've been in need of a pincushion for awhile and kept forgetting to buy one so out of scraps & desperation when I lost the lid that kept all my pins in their container the 5 minute cupcake pincushion was born.

I realized after making this that there are several things out there kinda like this but as I didn't reference any of them while making it and  I couldn't find anything exactly like already here, it I'm publishing it anyways. I do realize there are probably better/cooler ways to make this but I did it this way to use materials I already had without putting too much work into it & I think it came out wonderfully. I would love to see someone take this a step or two further though, please feel free to share with us.

The following is what you'll need to create a simple no-sew cupcake pincushion.
-Small Container that you want to be your cupcake base
      (I chose a small glad throwaway container but an empty yogurt container or something similar, conical with at least a slight outward slope, would work as well)
-2 Long 2" strips of fleece Can be same or different colors (or felt or whatever kinda like that, the thinner your fabric the more your going to need the thicker the fabric the less you'll need.)
     (I used fleece because I had a bunch of strips 2" by about a yard leftover from another project)
-Pins (The colorful kinds are better to make "sprinkles" here but whatever you got works)

Basic (not long winded/picture heavy) Directions:
1. Fold Fleece in half and starting at one end tightly roll fleece. (add in an additional strip after 3-4 rolls if you are adding a different color swirl)
2. At about one-two inches thickness start putting in pins for stability, try to stagger them (I tried to put mine at the halves then at the different quarters and tried to keep them spaced evenly)
3. Keep going till it is just at the size of your container (then add a few more wraps around for tightness)
4.Secure end with a pin and carefully insert your rolled bundle into the container top.
5. Use a pin tip to tuck in any ugly edges.
6. Add Sprinkle(pins)!

Step 1: Get Started

Getting Started:
Pick the color you want in the Center of your cupcake. Fold Fleece in half so you have about 1" strip (you will need to watch this as you roll and make sure it is staying evenly folded). Then Keeping the folded side facing up (this is the pretty side) start at one end and tightly roll fleece in a spiral. Keep stretching the fabric tight as you go around to prevent it from wanting to go anywhere.
Keep your slope very gentle as it goes around, to steep a slope and your fabric will want to jump ship & make you start over. If you decide to use a steeper slope try using thicker cut fabric (4-6") and more pins in step 2.

Adding a different/new strip:
Start at least half a turn before your fabric runs out. If you want to add in a different color swirl or need to add a new piece do so after completing at least 5-6 complete circles. Add in an additional strip by laying it against the completed cupcake spiral part (fold again on the upside) and rolling it along with the main color.

For a prettier, more seamless looking Fabric Switch/Entry: Lay it at a slight angle in the path of your turn, with the "ugly" cut edge just below the visable wrap, angling up to come even with your main color strip and then run it parallel with the main strip.

If some "ugly" cut edges are showing at the end no worries, you can always use a pin to poke those pesky edges back into place!

After completing about 1" of roll continue to step #2.

Step 2: Step 2: Adding Stability

Adding Stability:
As your roll begins to reach about one-two inches thickness start putting in pins for stability, try to stagger them evenly and put them in at a slight angle to better hold the fabric in place. I put in pin #1 then again at a turn and a half, then again at a turn and 3/4, then again at a turn and a half, then I did it again, only I tried to put a pin in between the pins already there. 

(I tried to put mine at the halves then at the different quarters and tried to keep them spaced evenly)
I started by using up the few plan stick pins in my arsenal before switching to my pretty colored pins.

Keep doing this till  you reach about the same circumference as the inside of your container.
If your circumference needs to be very big or you are short on pins you could try adding two or three extra turns between pins.

Step 3: Finish Up Your Cupcake Topper!

Finish up! Match your circumference to that of your object (I did this by trial and error) then add an extra turn or two to make it a snug fit, put a final pin in it to hold the fabric in place and trim off any excess.

Step 4: And Lastly...

Carefully insert the top the base,  and use a pin to tuck in any unsightly edges. It works best if you lay the pin down (kind of like a marker/pen)

For more security try using hot glue on a few points on the underside of your cupcake and then on the rim of your base. You could also coat the inside bottom with a glue like Modge Podge or Aileen's glue or some other kind of glue that won't dry to thick or too hard & keep you from pushing your pins through. To keep it from easily tipping/being top-heavy insert ballast/ something heavy into the base like marbles or the glass ingots you can get at the dollar store (then put some cotton balls/fiber fill on top of them to keep them from damaging your pins).

Then use those pins for sprinkles, and be done!

Step 5: Don't Forget to Show It Off!

I'd love to see other peoples finished projects! Post your finished project here to show it off so we can all "Oooh!" and "Aaaahh!" :D