Introduction: Simple Office Supply Cable Organizer and Holder

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Each desk at my office has at a minimum of 3 monitors a keyboard and a mouse. Each monitor has 2 cables run to it (One for power one for signal) and most of us IT guys also have many usb cables running all over as well. With a couple pieces of typical office supplies we were able to organize our cables and bind them to a specific point on our desk.

Step 1: Materials

In order to resolve the issue of the power cables we scavenged for materials and our final solution had only one item.

Paper Binders

Optionally you may also want tape which we will explain in the later steps

Step 2: The Build - Disassemblyall

In order to use the paper binder as a cable organizer we first must disassemble it. Typically the only tool that is necessary to disassemble it is your hands.

First grasp the triangular prism part of the paper binder with your non-dominant hand. With your dominant hand pinch the legs of ONE of the levers together. Once the end of the lever is out of the socket rotate it then release and it will fall out.

Repeat for the other side.

Step 3: The Build - Re-assembly

In order to use the binder to organize the cables take each of the now disconnected levers and place the cables in the middle of them.

Take the triangular prism part of the binder and reattach the levers. The process id the reverse of disassembly. Make sure that when you re-attach the levers that you do it on a manner that the opening of the triangular part is facing away from the wires. This will assure you can attach the binder to the desk and have the wires going off of the edge.

Step 4: The Build - Wrapping Up

The final step is the attachment of the clip to the desk. In most cases this is accomplished by opening the clip and sliding it on the edge of the desk.

One other way we found useful was to tape one lever of the clip to the desk and have the other lever free. In this situation we also only passed the wires through the open end. This allows you to bind the loose wires to a location on the middle of the desk. On my desk I have an ethernet cable I will plug into one of my laptops in order to access the fileshare. Instead of reaching to the back of my desk I taped the clip under my middle monitor.

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