Simple Om-nom Speakers

Introduction: Simple Om-nom Speakers

Hello instructables. this is my firt progect and I hope it satisfise everyone. I am makeing Om-nom (from cut the rope) speakers. I have found that these really improve the base of your songs but is still extremly portible.


The fist thing you'll need is of course your Om-nom. I found mine in my littles sisters happy meal after a trip to Burger King.
Second you will need a headphone jack that will plug into your electronic devises(Radio Shack). Third you will need a 8 ohm 0.5W speaker about the size of the little guy's face(Radio Shack).


You will as need a cordless drill with a small and slighty larger bit, a dremel with a bit as well, a lighter, a knife, a vise, and a soldering iron with solder.

Step 1: The Face

To remove the face simply hold the lit lighter under the om-nom's face until it starts to droop. (Make sure your in a well ventalated area like oustside) Then let it cool. after it cools go back outside and hold the lighter under the little guy until it turns black and a hole appears. WARNING: as the hole forms it may catch on fire extinguish immediately. after your hole forms let om-nom cool then pry the plastic away from the body.

Step 2: Hollowing

Now use the dremel to remove the outer plastic layer where the face used to be. Start with a small hole and gradually make it bigger. Then after you have removed that turn him on his side and drill into his foot. Remember to use the small bit first.

Step 3: Soldering

Now your almost done. Just thread the audio jack wires through the hole you just made and you can soldering the wires to your speaker. then super glue the speakers to Om-nom and your done! I hope this progect was enjoyable. Thanks for reading:D.

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    cupcake lover
    cupcake lover

    8 years ago

    Cool! But I can't get an omnom anywhere!?! I can't find any at Burger King? Where else can u get one?

    Dream Dragon
    Dream Dragon

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Firstly, Welcome to Instructables and well done for posting a project. I like the character that you've chosen for your speaker "Cabinet".

    I would advise that for future projects, you prepare your text in advance and run a spell check, or get someone else to proof read it. Well prepared text is much easier to read.

    I would point out that removing the "Face" by setting fire to it seems a little redundant and rather dangerous.