Introduction: Simple Organizer of Tetrapack Storage

Now a lot of plastic and paper packaging is used, which is thrown into the trash. Partly it is recycled, like in Germany, but not everything.

For example, tetrapacks, which are widely used for various food-grade liquid products, are to be destroyed, although they can be used further to organize your workplace and store various small objects, neatly cutting and joining together with an office stapler!

I used tetrapacks with a capacity of 1.5 l for the organizer and 1.0 l for the boxes, with 1 liter being placed in 1.5 liter with a small gap inside and can be inserted and extended.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials used :

1. Empty tetrapacks with a capacity of 1.5 liters and 1.0 liters
2. Clips for office stapler 3. Self-adhesive tape

Tools for work:

1. Office stapler

2. Office knife

3. Scissors

4. Ruler

Step 2:

A method of making an organizer:

1. Take a package of 1.5 liters, cut off the upper part with an office knife or scissors.

2. Cut through two opposite corners so that the depth corresponds to the length of the box or a little more, this is to your taste.

3. Next, use the ruler to bend the cut-off part out, and fix it with a stapler. This allows for greater rigidity of the organizer.

Step 3: Then With a Stapler We Connect the Separate Parts With Each Other. It Is More Convenient to Assemble First Vertical, Then Horizontal ... But This Is a Matter of Your Taste. As You Prefer !

To give a certain model, deciding what height and width will be convenient for you, we calculate the number of horizontal and vertical rows and the length of the boxes.

Step 4:

You can immediately decide where you will use these boxes in the future (on the shelves or in the table) and for what purposes.

To do this, measure the volume, then occupied. The boxes made by this method are convenient when carrying or transporting. To strengthen the stability of the form, depending on the desire and need, we also wrap the outside with self-adhesive tape. I used fiberglass tape. This is the basis of the design.

Step 5: We Make the Nominated Drawers for Storage and Installation in the Main, Body Compartment!

I used for these purposes tetrapacks with a capacity of 1 liter.

1. Cut them with a knife, bend and fasten with a stapler.
2. Making the front part with a handle from the other, cut package. This also adds stiffness to the box and improves functionality and appearance.

Step 6:

That's all ! Perhaps this is not very similar to the goods for sale, but I do not really like to do excursions in my workshop.

A little time and home workshop becomes more organized, convenient and without unnecessary financial costs, made specifically for you and your creativity. In such self-made boxes you can store various small things and objects, spare and fixing materials, materials and tools for needlework. You can come up with and adapt a convenient storage for any department in a table or cabinet. For convenience, the boxes can (need) be noted or signed to save time searching for the right one. You can also first make a small number of boxes, compartments and gradually add. Use other size tetra pak or packs and boxes of other materials. It all depends on your imagination. Look at what you throw in the trash yourself and think about the ecology of our Earth!

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