Simple Origami Lamp

Introduction: Simple Origami Lamp

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Night approaches... The bogey man and all manner of terrible beasties wait in the dark, bidding their time in hopes you will stick a hand or foot out from under the covers. You will need to fend them off until the morning comes and burns away their terror with the first rays of the sun. Your weapons?
A 14 x 22 piece of heavy or medium paper
Clear tape
A decorative base A fully functioning light (I used the guts from an old lamp, but a tap light works great to)
Fire retardant spray
Gather these materials up and pray that your other house lights continue to function.

***WARNING*** Depending on the light source within the lamp it is NOT a good idea to leave it alone. It is made of paper after all. I used a 15 watt bulb which didn't put off much heat, and I only use the lamp when I'm in the room. I'm not responsible of your brush with fire if you use a large watt bulb.

*** Additional note *** Somewhere on the vast Internet there is an instruction page showing how to fold this lamp. That's how I originally learned how, but I have since lost the image and thought I'd share how to here. Thank you to who ever thought of this lamp.

Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

If you have decided to use the fire retarding spray, its a good idea to spray the paper before you begin to fold. Cut out your medium to heavy gauge paper to a 14 x 22 piece.

Step 2: Fold 1

Fold the bottoms left corner to the top edge then fold the other corner to meet the fold.

Step 3: Fold 2

Just like fold one, just with the top left and top right corner. After your done the paper should look like photo 2

Step 4: Fold 3

You will notice that the folds look like a fish. Take the bottom left corner and fold it to the intersection where the four lines that make up the back of the fish and its tail meet. Then fold the other corner up to meet the paper. Unfold them and then do the same with the top left and top right.

Step 5: Fold 4

Now, fold each corner to the center marks on each line, after your done the paper should look like this. Make sure each line is nicely creased.

Step 6: Fold 5

Turn the paper over and fold a line down the center of each box. After that join the two ends together to make a tube. Each of your first folds will be pointing out, while the new horizontal ones will be pointing in. Join the two sides of the tube together with tape. If you want, here is a good place to stop. Simply place the shade over a child safe tap light and you will have a nice ambiance lamp for a table piece or coffee table. Those with access to lamp parts like I have can continue on.

Step 7: Secure the Lamp Guts

While there is a can of adhesive spray next to the lamp I decided not to use it. I'm already making a highly flammable lamp, I didn't want to introduce the new source of fuel into it. And lacking any tacks I opted to use a small amount of super glue instead. I also cut a small opening for the power cord. If your asking how the shade is secured, right now it's not. Just sitting there, minding its own buisness.

Step 8: Chase Away the Dark

Now you have a nice ambiance light! Unfortunately my light bulb took this opportunity to burn out before I could get a picture, but I'll be sure to upload one later. For now I used an electric camping lamp (photo 2) and then a dollar store tap light (photo 3).

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