Introduction: Simple POV Display With POV Shield

POV displays are awesome creations using simply the LEDs and little of coding. POV displays using Arduino are one of the most easiest and fascinating things one can make.

The POV shield is available in eBay... click here to buy one

Things Needed:

1) Rotating Stick (1)

2) 1000 RPM motor (1)

3) AltSense's POV Shield (1)

4) Screw and Bolts

5) Ties

6) 9V battery

7) Battery Snapper with Jack

8) Arduino UNO

A strong stand is needed to mount the POV setup. It can be anything like a wooden frame or acrylic stand as shown in the figure 2. Drill a hole on the centre to mount the motor as shown. The figure 1 sums up all the things you needed to setup the display.

Now check the video for setup instructions.

Load the arduino code for displaying "Hello World"

Step 1: Sample POV Displays

The following displays are made with AltSense's POV shield.

The first one is the POV hello world display.

Second one is a dedication to Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam from AltSense.

Third one was showcased in a symposium.

Hope the instructable is simple and understandable.

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